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John Lucas is made entirely of popcorn and Caro syrup. It defies biology and common sense and has baffled the great minds of our times. Sadly, the judgements of such big-brained muckity-mucks come at no small cost. So, John must toil away for the few odd coins a cartoonist's life will afford, that he may remain free of the chains of the debtors prison.

John's work has appeared in funny books published by D.C., Marvel, Darkhorse, AdHouse,Top Cow and BOOM!. If you don't believe it, look it up.

If you'd like a T-shirt or Sticker of the AWESOME image seen above, go to my store at redbubble…

Favourite cartoon character: foghorn leghorn
Favorite Quote: Dogs look up to you. Cats look down in you. Give me a pig. The look you in the eye as an equal. - W. Churchill.

Something disturbing I see at conventions, and it was so this weekend, People rarely wash their hands before exiting the restroom. Since I'm known by some friends as Captain peanut bladder, I feel like I'm getting a pretty good sample size (rim shot). So, it's pretty fair to say conventions are wall to wall pee pee hands. Since I also see a fair number of people walking straight from the stall to the convention floor, poo poo hands is also well represented.

You gotta start washing your hands people. It's time to stop behaving like fucking animals or stop wondering why you are and always have been social outcasts. It's not that "they" don't get you. They get you. You're filthy oily waste-handed animals.

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Ultimate-Psycho Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Donighal Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Wow, this surely is nice work around ! Part retro-styled, part-modern artwork. Imho you have an european sensitivity in your work !
joltinjohnnylucas Featured By Owner 3 days ago
thanks, bud.  there's a lot of euro work i love, but a lot of my big influences are old american comics/strips, guys who had an inflence on european guys. though, i didn''t start reading comics until i was a teenager and some of the first stuff i was Heavy Metal, Epic and Savage Sword. 
Donighal Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I'm far from being a specialist, just an enthusiast ...
lux69aeterna Featured By Owner 4 days ago   Photographer
Thank you kindly John! :)

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